2007-2009 FJ Cruiser/ 2002-2009 Lexus GX470 Complete Dual Battery System

2007-2009 FJ Cruiser/ 2002-2009 Lexus GX470 Complete Dual Battery System

Off Grid Engineering

  • $ 799.00


This is the complete dual battery solution for your 2007-2009 Toyota FJ Cruiser or 2002-2009 Lexus GX470.  This kit is everything you need (minus batteries) to install a fully functioning dual battery system in your vehicle.

Kit Includes:

  • OGE's exclusive passenger-side battery tray.  Designed specifically for the Lexus GX470 and 07-09 FJ Cruiser.  This tray is cut from 1/4" 5052 Aluminum and finished by hand to ensure an optimal fit.  All mounting hardware and detailed instructions included.
  • OGE's exclusive driver's side battery tray.  While providing a matching tray and tiedown for your starting battery, this tray also provides a mounting location for your Blue Sea ML-ACR.  This takes the guess work out of mounting the heart of your battery system.
  • Two Machined Aluminum OGE Signature Battery Tiedowns
  • Blue Sea 7622 ML-ACR, 500 amp, smart relay.  The ML-ACR is the most robust smart relay on the market.  It is dual voltage sensing and completely automatic.  It does all the battery linking/ unlinking for you, but also features manual override for self jumpstarting, etc.  The ACR is marine grade, made in the USA, and has a lifetime warranty!
  • In-Cab Management Switch with exclusive OGE plug-and-play wiring harness.  The Blue Sea 2146 Contura Switch paired with custom OGE wiring harness allows for remote control operation and monitoring of your ML-ACR.  Manually link (jump-start) or isolate your auxiliary battery from your drivers seat!  The built-in LED's alert you to over-charge/ under-charge conditions as well as the current state of the relay (linked/ unlinked).
  • All necessary cables.  All the cables you need for a complete installation.  Cables come pre-terminated with properly crimped, tinned copper lugs.  They are then covered in braided wrap and finished with 3M marine grade heat shrink.  The way battery cables should be made!
  • Cooper Bussman MRBF system.  Marine Rated Battery Fuses.  Your kit will come with two low profile 200 amp fuses to keep you and your truck safe!
  • 2 Mil-Spec terminals
  • Plenty of high quality zip-ties


Recommended batteries for this system are any high quality AGM Group 35 battery.  The Lexus GX470 will not fit a larger battery than Group 35 in the passenger side tray.  The FJ Cruiser CAN fit a Group 34 battery in both trays.

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