2005+ Toyota Tacoma Rear Camera Relocation Kit (Universal Mounting Locations)

Aiden James Customs

  • $ 135.00

This is the solution for those who have a tire hanging off the back of their Tacoma that blocks their backup camera. 

This kit is a simple rear camera relocate that mounts high and gives a “birds eye” perspective over the tire or can be mounted low on swing-outs. This rear camera provides you with a HD1080p HD 1080x720 crystal clear image in both day and night and a large 170° view with or without grid lines. Fully IP69 waterproof to withstand all weather conditions. Easy install all right by the tailgate. No running wires all the way up to the radio!


***Verify the connector you have as this fits the larger white 4 pin connector and smaller white 6 pin connector that can be found right under the bed near the right frame rail. See last pictures. Select the appropriate connector from the drop-down.


Install video can be found here: https://youtu.be/ZLobxzdP2hA


Updated install notes: The camera can be mounted by hanging under a spoiler, tent etc or flat against something but you may need to flip the bracket on the back of the camera for your configuration. The green wire is for mirroring/flipping the camera (Left to right view if objects are on the wrong side of the vehicle behind you). The white loop is for the guide lines. The camera arrives with the loops intact and with guide lines NOT present on screen. Cut the green loop to activate the guide lines.

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