DDM Saber Pro LED Headlight Kit - 50 Watt

DDM Saber Pro LED Headlight Kit - 50 Watt

DDM Tuning

  • $ 125.95

Details & Product Specs

SaberLED 50W Pro Series

The all-new SaberLED 50W Pro Series is the new gold standard in ultra high performance automotive and truck LED headlight systems. Weve taken the best DDM LED and made it even better! This all-new 50W design, built from the ground up features some of the most advanced and durable electronics bundled it into a powerful, compact housing. This means maximum light output, most accurate beam pattern, easier fitment, longer lifespan.

High power HML LEDs, which features strong light transmission, great light focus, and long lifespan.

Smaller but yet stronger LED driver. On top of that, its guaranteed to be 100% no radio interference.

Perfectly designed for cars and trucks, it has been developed with an extended lifespan.

New design greatly enhances the compatibility with modern CANBUS systems making adapters almost unnecessary. Ask your sales associate if you require an module adapter.



Output: 10000 Lumens per pair

Color: 6000K

Waterproof: IP67

Wattage: 50W per bulb

Voltage: 10-30V 

Warranty: 2 Year

Sold as a pair


Add the headlight decoders for vehicles where the high beams double as Daytime Running Lights (DRL’s). 

While many LEDs on the market look similar don't be fooled. All DDM Tuning LEDs use the highest quality LED chips and are designed to last.