ICECO DS15 Drawer System Roller Drawer with Roller Floor


  • $ 499.00

※Durability: The ICECO DS15 Roller Drawer system is the ultimate storage solution. With 120G galvanized sheet metal, its sturdy construction ensures reliable durability and is corrosion resistant, having passed the 30-hour salt spray test. Get efficient storage, designed with you in mind.

※Huge Storage Space: The roll-out drawer with a rolling top allows for a freezer to be securely affixed to the rolling top, and provides a huge storage space with the roll-out drawer beneath. 

※Fit Your Car: The ICECO DS15 Roller Drawer System is designed for convenience and versatility. This roller drawers and roller floor are designed to fit most vehicles including SUVs, pick-ups, and trailers. 

※Multiple Usage: Use it as a slide mount or storage drawer--bringing convenience and accessibility to your mobile lifestyle. With its roller floor, you'll never have to crawl into your truck bed or van again.