ICECO DS27 Drawer System Roller Drawer with Roller Floor


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※Durability: The ICECO DS27 Roller Drawer system is the ultimate storage solution. With 120G galvanized sheet metal, its sturdy construction ensures reliable durability and is corrosion resistant, having passed the 30-hour salt spray test. Get efficient storage, designed with you in mind.

※Huge Storage Space: The roll-out drawer with a rolling top allows for a freezer to be securely affixed to the rolling top, and provides a huge storage space with the roll-out drawer beneath. 

※Fit Your Car: The ICECO DS27 Roller Drawer System is designed for convenience and versatility. This roller drawers and roller floor are designed to fit most vehicles including SUVs, pick-ups, and trailers. 

※Drawers Lockable: With individually locking drawers, this roller drawer system ensures maximum security for your contents. The strong roller floor provides further safety and stability. Keep your items safe with the ICECO DS27 Roller Drawer System.