Group Vendor Requests

We manage several Facebook groups related to various vehicles and have a vendor approval process to protect the members of our groups from scams, poor quality products and over-posting of vendors. This is also to protect our vendors from extreme competition to ensure there is a solid base of approved vendors, not all with the same products to offer, variety. Vendors do not have to be large operations but do need to be able to show a decent following and/or positive feedback from their customers. 

Approved vendors are also protected from false accusations as we will follow through with a thorough process to investigate claims against approved vendors.

To expedite your approval, please forward your website or other sales location, any social media accounts you promote your products on and at least three personal references. You can send this to This process can take some time so please allow our team time to work through the requests.

You can find the vendor packages here:

Vendor Packages