5th Gen 4Runner Riser Kit with Twin Slide-Out Tables

Aiden James Customs

  • $ 499.00
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The long-awaited Riser Kit with Twin Slide-Out tables for the 5th Gen 4Runner.

Kit mounts right under our non-sliding Gear Plate in the 4Runners without the factory cargo slide and without third row.

Brings the top of the Gear Plate up to the same height as the back seats folded down. Comes with Twin Slide-Out tables that are tucked nicely inside. Riser Kit comes with the same Rhino Lining as our Gear Plates and tables will be sealed for protection.

Easily installs under the Gear Plates and includes the hardware. Installation instructions coming soon.

No extensive tear tear down or removal of carpet or sound deadening in the back. No drilling. No squeaking. No dust. Installs in 10 minutes or lessConstructed from the highest quality Baltic Birch and comes with black 3mm thick Rhino Lining and all hardware to install. 


***Install notes:

If you purchased our Gear Plate prior to April 4, 2022, three holes will need to be drilled into the Gear Plate. To do this, place your Gear Plate upside-down on a flat surface then place the riser kit without the tables upside-down and squared up to match the edges of the Gear Plate. Find the three direct center holes down the middle of the riser kit that do not have T-Nuts and drill a small pilot hole through the Gear Plate. Now remove the riser kit and drill a 5/16" hole in the holes you just drilled. Now follow the next steps.

Riser Kit with Table and Gear Plate install:

In the rear of the vehicle, set down the riser kit and line it up with the bracket holes behind the back seat (Folding the rear seats down and looking from the back doors makes this easier). Next line up the stick nuts at the rear of the vehicle with the holes. Now set the tables in the riser kit and then the Gear Plate on top squaring it up with the riser kit. Insert the three middle flat head allen bolts but do not tighten. Now insert the four outer bolts and washers and lightly start them with your finger. Once all bolts are started, you can tighten them all down. Do not over-tighten the bolts as they could snap or strip. They just need to be snug and the three center bolts in tight enough so they are flat with the top of the Gear Plate.

Lead Time: Please contact us

Made in the USA in our shop in Santa Ana, CA


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