Toyota Pickup Front Bump Stops 0-3 Inch For 89-95 Pickups - No Lift Required - DBF24RPU


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DuroBumps Premium Toyota Pickup Front Bump Stops 0-3 Inch For 89-95. DBF24RPU

DuroBumps are quality made in the USA with dual durometer (hardness) rubber, to deliver smooth, progressive dampening that reduces hard bottom-outs significantly and allows for greater control and comfort. OEM bump stops tend to feel rock-hard on contact. DuroBumps eliminate that hard bump.

The DuroBumps DBF24RPU is slightly taller than OEM bump stops because the DuroBumps compresses under load to lessen the impact just before the ultimate stop. The DBF24RPU will not limit your wheel-up travel. It’s designed to replace the rear-mounted OEM bump stop on the front passenger and driver sides of the truck.
The DBR24RPU is the only aftermarket bump stop designed with a 14° taper, ensuring even contact upon engagement.

Note: DBF24RPU includes the required nut and bolt needed to mount the front DBF24RPU Durobumps to 1989 – 1995 Toyota Pickup trucks only.

Toyota Pickup Front Bump Stops Features & Benefits

- Better handling – Dual durometer (hardness) rubber allows DuroBumps to act as secondary coil springs, increasing the compression load progressively in a smooth, predictable fashion.

- 14° angle – With trucks’ bump stops being mounted to the lower control arm, the bump stop doesn’t contact the strike pad squarely. This causes shearing and damages the bump stop. DuroBumps’ 14° angle addresses the shearing issue by ensuring square, even contact.
- Mounts in OEM location – DuroBumps easily bolt into the OEM mounting location, ensuring a proper fit with no modifications.
- No loss of up-travel – DuroBumps will not reduce your suspension/wheel travel.
- Increased suspension life – DuroBumps greatly extends the service life of the other suspension components by absorbing the shock load and helping prevent bottom-outs. DuroBumps protects your critical suspension components from excessive wear and extends service intervals for your shocks, ball joints, and control-arm bushings.
- Reduced bump steer – By absorbing the suspension’s up-travel inertia, DuroBumps greatly reduce the energy applied through the tie-rod ends and steering rack, reducing shock load and wear and tear on inner and outer tie-rod ends, steering rack, and steering rack bushings.
- Small, compact, application specific – Designed for specific truck models. No “universal fit” spacers required.
- Smooth and silent – Unlike Hydro bumps, DuroBumps are whisper-quiet on contact.
- Solid mounting base – A 3/16? steel base plate ensures solid mounting and strong support for DuroBumps. The base plate is powder-coated to help prevent corrosion.
- Provided mounting hardware – Every set of DuroBumps comes with JIS 10.9 zinc-coated hex-head metric bolts and single-use thread locker, ensuring a strong, secure fit.
- Premium bump stops – DuroBumps are proudly made in the USA from the highest quality raw materials. You won’t find a higher quality bump stop anywhere.

What's Included:

(2) Two front DuroBumps
(2) Two JIS 10.9 M10 1.25 mm x 35 mm flange bolts (2) Two JIS 10.9 M10 1.25 mm x 35 mm flange nuts
(1) Single-use medium thread locker
(1) One FREE sticker


Instructions: Pre-soak OEM bump stop with penetrating oil to make removal easier. Pay careful attention to the threaded stud that mounts the bump stop to the frame and the threads of the stud that are exposed beyond the nut. Step 1: Following vehicle manufacturer recommendations, use a properly rated jack. Raise the front of the vehicle, and support the frame rails with jack stands. Remove front wheels from truck. Be sure to use jack stands! Step 2: Remove OEM bump stops with groove-lock pliers, pipe wrench, or similar. The bump stop is located on the rear of the lower control arm on the driver and passenger sides of the vehicle. Be careful not to break the threaded stud on the OEM bump stop during removal. Step 3: Use a scraper or wire brush and clean any mud/ debris from the frame. Step 4: Insert provided flange bolt into the new front DuroBumps and coat the threads with the provided single-use medium (blue) thread locker. Step 5: Install the DuroBumps at the rear of the lower control arm, using a 14mm deep socket. Tighten the bolt and nut until snug (12 – 15 ft. lbs.) Do not over tighten. The OEM bump stop that is located at the front of the lower control arm will remain in place. Step 6: Reinstall wheels and lower vehicle back to the ground. Be sure to tighten lug nuts to vehicle manufacturer’s recommendations. Please note: DuroBumps are intended to be installed at the rear of the lower control arm only.

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