Durobumps Premium Front Off-Road Bump Stops for 90-97 LandCruiser 80 series, 96-97 Lexus LX450 (3.5-inch Tall) No Lift Required - DBF35425

Durobumps Premium Front Off-Road Bump Stops for 90-97 LandCruiser 80 series, 96-97 Lexus LX450 (3.5-inch Tall) No Lift Required - DBF35425


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Durobumps Premium Front Off-Road Bump Stops for 90-97 Land Cruiser 80 series LC80 and 96-97 Lexus LX450 (3.5-inch Tall) No Lift Required: DBF35425

Experience the difference with DuroBumps premium off-road bump stops, proudly made in the USA. These bump stops feature dual durometer rubber, providing smooth, progressive dampening that significantly reduces hard bottom-outs. Unlike OEM bump stops that can feel rock-hard on contact. As a result, you’ll enjoy enhanced off-road control and comfort while eliminating the “shell-shock” effect when encountering larger bumps.

DBF35425 bump stops bring numerous benefits to your Toyota suspension system, adding performance beyond what shocks alone can offer. Perfect for both off-road enthusiasts and daily drivers with stock suspension, these bump stops deliver improved ride quality and shock absorption over OEM alternatives. Expertly engineered to handle the toughest terrain, they reduce or eliminate hard impacts associated with bottoming out shocks and suspensions. Furthermore, DBF35425 bump stops won’t limit your wheel up travel compared to OEM bump stops, and they prolong maintenance intervals by absorbing shock loads, reducing wear on critical suspension components.

Slightly taller than OEM bump stops, they compress under load to soften the impact just prior to the ultimate stop. If you’re seeking improved off-road control, performance, and comfort for your Toyota or Lexus truck, DuroBumps are the perfect solution. DBF35425 bump stops are side-specific for your Toyota Land Cruiser and Lexus LX. Install the shorter 3.5-inch bump stop on the passenger side (right-hand side) and the longer 4.25-inch bump stop on the driver side (left-hand side) of the vehicle. The DBF35425 will not limit your wheel-up travel compared to OEM bump stops.

Don’t wait; Experience the DuroBumps Difference and elevate your off-road performance today!

Looking for extended bump stops?

For trucks with a 2-inch plus lift, we offer 4.25-inch tall versions: DBF425525 Note: For off-road use only. Do not use spacers with any of Durobumps product line. By installing these aftermarket bump stops, the user assumes all risk and liability. DuroBumps are not designed for towing applications. For more information, visit https://durobumps.com/terms-of-use/. The seller will not be held liable for any damage or loss associated with the installation or use of this product for any reason.


Why Durobumps Land Cruiser Bump Stops DBF35425?
- Improved Handling – Dual durometer rubber enables DuroBumps to act as a secondary coil spring, ensuring smooth engagement that progressively increases compression load in a predictable manner.
- No Loss of Up-Travel – DuroBumps DBF35425 maintains factory suspension/wheel travel.
- Frame Mounts in OEM Location – Bolts effortlessly into preexisting OEM frame mounting holes, ensuring a proper fit without needing to remove coil springs – no spacers or modifications necessary.
- Built-In Offset – Side-specific design with the shorter height bump stop for installation on the passenger side; engineered to compensate for the differential housing.
- Increased Suspension Life – Actively absorbs shock load and prevents suspension from bottoming out, extending the service life of other components, and reducing maintenance costs.
- Reduced Bump Steer – By absorbing the suspension’s up-travel inertia, DuroBumps greatly reduce the energy applied through the tie-rod ends, steering box and tire carcass. This lessens the bump steer effect felt when fully compressing your suspension.
- Compact, Application-Specific Design – Designed to fit specific truck models with no “universal fit” or spacers required. All without excessive free height interfering with your shocks’ valving.
- Silent Engagement – Unlike Hydro bumps, DuroBumps make no noise upon contact.
- Premium Quality – DuroBumps Premium Bump Stops are Proudly manufactured in the USA, using top-grade raw materials, ensuring exceptional durability and strength.
- Provided Mounting Hardware – JIS 10.9 zinc-coated hex head metric bolts with pre-applied thread locker for a strong, secure fit.

What's Included:

(2) Two Premium rear bump stops.
(4) Four JIS 10.9 M8x1.25 40mm flange bolt with pre-applied thread locker.
(1) One FREE sticker.

Installation Instructions: Step 1: Following vehicle manufacturer recommendations and use a properly rated jack. Lift the front of the truck with the floor jack and support the frame rails with jack stands. Remove the front wheels. Be sure to use jack stands! Step 2: If equipped, remove the OEM bump stop located on the frame rail above the front axle housing using a 12mm deep socket. There are 2 bolts for each bump stop. Please note that later model 80 Series Land Cruisers front bump stops are mounted inside the coil springs. If this is the case, leave them intact and skip to Step 3. Step 3: Use a scraper or wire brush to clean any mud/debris from the frame. Step 4: Your front DuroBumps are side specific. The shorter bump stop is to be installed on the righthand side of the vehicle (passenger side for USA models). The longer bump stop is to be installed on the lefthand side of the vehicle (driver side for USA models). Mount the DuroBumps bump stop in the OEM location on the frame rail noting that the holes in the bump stop are offset. Position the bump stop with the edge closest to the holes facing the coil spring. This locates the bump stop away from the coil spring preventing contact. Insert the bolts into the factory holes. Tighten the bolts using a 12mm socket wrench until snug (10 – 12 ft. lbs.). Do not over-tighten bolts! Please note that later model vehicles, with the OEM bump stops located within the coil springs, have the same frame mounting holes as the older 80 Series Land Cruisers. Step 5: Repeat steps 2 – 4 on the other side of the vehicle. Step 6: Reinstall the wheels and lower the vehicle back to the ground. Torque the lug nuts to factory specifications.

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