O.G. TactiCool Ammo Can Fire Pit

Tacticool Fire Pits

  • $ 159.00

Where it all began, and our most popular ammo can fire pit by far!

Now comes standard with a metal braided hose!

This flame ain’t just for the ambience! Our unique design maximizes the heat output, and the included regulator gives you full control of the flame. This ammo can fire pit isn’t like the others, you’re not sacrificing any heat output for for size here. And our burner design only burns about a pound of propane an hour on a medium setting, so you can use a standard 20lb propane tank for a whole weekend of camping.

Our O.G. TactiCool Ammo Can Fire Pit comes complete with lava rocks and a propane hose that all packs away inside nice and neat. It’s ready to hit the trail on your overlanding rig, the campsite, the beach, or just your backyard.

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