Sherpa Roam Case Mounts

Sherpa Equipment Company

  • $ 50.00

The Sherpa Roam Case Mounts

Our answer to mounting Roam Adventure Co. Rugged Cases to your Sherpa Roof Rack. You shouldn't have to drill holes or strap and unstrap your case every time you want to get into it just to mount it on your roof rack. 

With the Sherpa Roam Case Mounts, you can easily mount your Roam cases without the need to modify your investment. These brackets simply slide through the existing slots the handles come attached to and bolt into two crossbars on your rack. 

Designed to work on any 10 series extrusion crossbar with drop-in t-nuts. These will work on any rack that utilizes these crossbars and allows for adjustment of the crossbars.

Note: the 52L mounts ONLY work in the front and back slots, not the sides.


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