What new product do you want to see?

Posted by Scott Fisher on

Do you have a vehicle that you would like a Gear Plate in? Do you have a vehicle you want one of our Rear Camera Relocate Kits for? 

Here is the post that you can let us know what new product you are looking for us to get out there, not just for you but for others. Add any specifics like vehicle year, make and model as well as what you'd like to see the product do to help with your build. Also note if you are local we like to offer discounts for those that can lend us their vehicles to assist in designing our new products.


So, what can we make for you?

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  • I would love to see gear for the new 2dr bronco. I want to keep as stock as possible, but need a winch plate fabricated, etc.

    Gary Goetz on
  • 5th gen 4Runner with 3rd row seat. Would like a plate that allows driver side third row seat to be used. Would like to mount a slide for a Dometic on the passenger side.

    Bryant Gonzales on
  • 2nd seat delete plate for FZJ80 land cruiser

    Rid on
  • Cargo gear plate for Gen5 (2017) Subaru Outback!! 😁

    Melody Ho on
  • Looking for a gear plate for a 2011 Lexus LX570 (200 series)

    Billy Camacho on

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