3 Accessories for an Overlanding 4Runner

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Image Credit: Cascadia 4×4

There’s no denying the fact that Toyota has given us some really iconic vehicles over the decades. Be it a passenger sedan, a compact hatch, or a rugged SUV, there’s just no match for their reliability and robustness.

The Toyota 4Runner is one of the most beloved SUVs, and after the Land Cruiser, it enjoys a huge fan base among off-roading and Overlanding enthusiasts. Known for its utility, capability, and off-road performance, you cannot name many vehicles that can match it.

Overlanders are always looking for improved gear and equipment that can enhance their off-roading and camping experience, so different manufacturers offer their products, particularly for an Overlanding 4Runner. 

We’ll discuss a few important items in this article that can totally revamp your Overlanding 4Runner into a better performer. So keep reading and know how you can transform a normal SUV into a rugged 4Runner Overlanding machine!

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A Versatile Riser and Table Kit for an Overlanding 4Runner

Aiden James Customs Riser and Table Kit

Image Credit: Aiden James Customs

All Toyota 4Runner owners who are frequent travelers and love to go off-roading need to transform their SUVs into utilitarian vehicles – like an Overlanding 4Runner built to last and survive in any type of rugged terrain and serve you best on the camping trip.

Aiden James Customs have launched a versatile Riser and Table Kit that fits perfectly in the bed of your Overlanding 4Runner and offers you enhanced utility. Let’s find out what makes it so good.

Top Quality and Robust

Aiden James Customs Riser and Table Kit 2

Image Credit: Aiden James Customs

Manufactured using the highest quality Baltic Birch and coated with a thick Rhino lining, you can trust the build quality and longevity of this kit.

It can bear just about any load, and the slide-out extension tables take any stress away from you without bending or breaking. The quality also ensures that the kit is corrosion and rust-free and can withstand the challenges of off-road trails.

Fits Snugly in your Overlanding 4Runner’s Bed

Aiden James Customs Riser and Table Kit 3

Image Credit: Aiden James Customs

The kit doesn’t need to be drilled or nailed for installation in your Overlanding 4Runner. It is designed and sculpted perfectly to fit in the bed of your Overlanding 4Runner, given that it doesn’t have third-row seats and a factory slide kit.

The installation process itself is easy, and once you get a hang of it, it only takes 10 minutes to install, and you’re good to go. 

Offers Excellent Utility

Aiden James Customs Riser and Table Kit 4

Image Credit: Aiden James Customs

When installed in the bed of your Overlanding 4Runner, the gear plate brings the height of the raiser kit equal to that of the folded second-row seats, making the storage and removal of luggage effortless. 

Additionally, the tables are hidden nicely under the gear plate and out of sight, freeing up space. Once extended, they offer extra space to place your gear, tools, or culinary items, making your life easier at the camping rig. 

If you’re looking to add extra space to your Overlanding 4Runner without compromising the bed and any alterations to your vehicle, the Aiden James Customs Riser and Table Kit is ideal for you. 

Robust Skid Plates for Overlanding 4Runner

Overland Depot Robust Skid Plates

Image Credit: Overland Depot

Overlanding is all about the journey and exploring the landscapes while traversing through rugged and unforgiving terrain. Anyone who can get to the camping area can have a good night’s party, but getting there is the actual mission. 

Once you maneuver the off-road trails, the engine, front suspension, and frame are always at the risk of getting damaged due to large boulders, uneven terrain, and other hurdles in the way. To protect your truck from any kind of damage and save you from getting stranded, Overland Depot offers a robust skid plate for your Overlanding 4Runner. 

When trying to conquer the tough trails out there, these pure stainless steel skid plates will guard the underbody area of your SUV and turn it into a true Overlanding 4Runner build for wild adventures. 

It comes with bolt-on fitting, is lightweight, and super sturdy in quality, which means that the undercarriage of your 4Runner is now bulletproof, and all you have to worry about is finding a nice destination. 

A Hood-Mounted Solar Panel to Keep Your Overlanding 4Runner Powered Up

Cascadia 4x4 solar cells

Image Credit: Cascadia 4×4

The majority of the time, Overlanders only think about a power source to juice up their sound systems, charge their gadgets, and power the refrigerators. They forget about a backup for their car’s battery and run into trouble.

Cascadia 4×4 solves this problem by offering a state-of-the-art solution. Their 90-watt hood-mounted solar panel is designed especially for 4th and 5th generation Toyota 4Runner. 

Constructed using top-quality solar cells and sturdy marine-grade elements, it would bear any challenge or environmental hazard without letting you down. Apart from keeping your car’s battery backed up, it can also power your 12-v accessories such as smartphones and lights. 

To protect your car’s paint from damage and offer maximum heat exchange, it comes with a custom-cut vinyl base sheet and 3M neoprene foam. This waterproof solar panel is capable of handling pretty much any accessory while keeping your Overlanding 4Runner batteries juiced up. 

Bonus: Get A Trailer as Capable as a 4Runner

fort 2

Image Credit: FORT Campers

As noted earlier, the 4Runner is a beloved overlanding and off-roading vehicle because of its excellent capabilities. But if you want to extend your 4Runner’s abilities to accommodate an extended overlanding trip, adding an expedition trailer to the mix is a great option.

There are loads of great expedition trailer options out there, but one of my favorites in 2022 is certainly the FORT Campers F-6.

fort 1

Image Credit: FORT Campers

Not only is this trailer ultra-capable of tackling whatever your 4Runner can handle, but it also comes loaded with tons of amenities. You get a roof rail system to support your rooftop tent or storage for gear, tons of LED lighting, and a 270-degree quick-deploy awning.

The F-6 also has an outdoor shower, 42 gallons of water storage, and a kitchen sink.

fort 6

Image Credit: FORT Campers

Speaking of the kitchen, you can enjoy an insane amount of storage in the beautifully crafted bamboo kitchen. There’s slide-outs and a pantry for storage, a two-burner stove, and a spot that’s perfect for a fridge/freezer combination.

You can go off-grid and still enjoy electricity, too, thanks to the 200-watt solar panel and solar charge controller, 1200-watt pure sine wave inverter, and Victron 220Ah AGM batteries.

fort 4

Image Credit: FORT Campers

In other words, this bad boy can be the basecamp of your dreams – all wrapped in a tidy package that has a Timbren axleless suspension, 16 inches of ground clearance, and a departure angle that’s greater than 40 degrees. Easily towable by a 4Runner, the FORT Campers F-6 is the perfect complement to your favorite overlanding SUV!

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